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7 Tips for Information Marketers

1. Increase the perceived value of your information product You can increase the perceived value of your information product by using a three ring binder for print materials rather than comb, coil, or spiral binding.  It’s also a good idea

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Internet versus TV

for the first time in the United States residents are devoting as much time to online activities as they are watching TV. The increased time for people are spending online using cutting into the time he developed watch TV, which

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IT Hiring Outlook is Looking Good!

6 out of 10 hiring managers and technology recruiters are expected to to increase their hiring in the first 6 months of 2011 according to Dice. The most recent survey conducted by Dice shows a slow gradual recovery in the

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Broadband in the US

The United States ranks 25th in the world for the average Internet connection speeds, which is quite pitiful considering this is America we’re talking about.  Nearly half of all U.S. residents fall below the FCC’s minimum definition of broadband at

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