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Trend#4 – Baby Boomers

4 million Baby Boomers a year are turning 50 and they will not be able to afford to retire. That’s a pretty scary statistic, isn’t it? One can easily see a “boom” in 1946, when births went from 2.8 to

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Trend#3 – Government Debt

The U.S. national debt is so bizarre that it is hard to know whether to laugh about it or cry about it. The following are some quick facts about the U.S. government’s massive debt problem that will wipe any smile

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Trend#2 Underemployment

FACT: The stock market is where it was 10 years ago with economists calling this the “lost decade” FACT: 50% unemployment amongst college grads of the last four years with an average income of $40,000 for those lucky enough to

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Trend #1 Buying Online Will Continue to Increase

Trend #1 Massive long-term shift to buying online continues (15% Year-Over-Year Increase in Online Spending) Overall, 10 million people bought online on Cyber Monday, representing the first time on record that threshold has been reached in a single day. The

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