Trend#4 – Baby Boomers

4 million Baby Boomers a year are turning 50
and they will not be able to afford to

That’s a pretty scary statistic, isn’t it?

One can easily see a “boom” in 1946, when births
went from 2.8 to 3.4 million. The end of the
boom is not as clear, however. Perhaps that
delineation was marked when annual births
dropped below 4 million (1964).

“Every 7 Seconds” another Baby Boomer turns
50 – every 7 seconds.

Whew! Is that possible? Well, you don’t have to
be a math major to check it out.

Let’s look at 50 years ago – 1959 – when
4,097,000 Boomers were born. Now, I suppose that
some of them have not made it this far, so let’s
round it down to 4,000,000. (That’s just my
estimate, but it is close enough for my
purposes here.)

So, a bit more than 4,000,000 will turn 50 in
2012 with over 20 million turning 50 over
the last five years alone.

Let’s see how that breaks down:

per year: 4,000,000
per day (4.0 mil / 365): 10,958
per hour (10.6 k / 24): 456
per minute (456 / 60): 7.1

And 7.1 per minute amounts to one every 8.5

If you use 1957 as your base number, when
4,300,000 million boomers were born, that’s
a heck of a number!

During the Baby Boomer years, 1946-1964 (inclusive),
75.8 million Americans were born. The ratio of
males to females has stayed relatively constant.

There were approximately 1.05 male births for
every one female birth.

The middle class and baby boomers are beginning
to realize that corporations and governments
will not be here to save them in the end.

If you are like most people, you are likely
already affected by one, two, or even three
of these massive converging trends. At a
minimum, you likely know someone who is

People cannot afford to retire. In March 2012
Canada increased the age of retirement
to 67.

Now… The good news.

These 4 trends are actually working toward a
5th, ‘Perfect Storm’ kind of trend.

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Trend#3 – Government Debt

The U.S. national debt is so bizarre that it
is hard to know whether to laugh about it or
cry about it. The following are some quick
facts about the U.S. government’s massive
debt problem that will wipe any smile from
any politician’s face.

– As of December 1st, 2009, the official
debt of the United States government was
approximately 12.1 trillion dollars.

– To pay this 12.1 trillion dollar debt would
require approximately $40,000 from every
single person living in the United States.

– Now the U.S. Congress has approved an
increase in the U.S. government debt cap
to 14.3 trillion dollars. To pay this
increase off would require approximately
$6,000 more from every man, woman and child
in the United States.

– The U.S. government’s debt ceiling has been
raised six times since the beginning of 2006.

So how hard is it to spend a trillion dollars?

If you spent one dollar every second, you would
have spent a million dollars in twelve days.
At that same rate, it would take you 32 years
to spend a billion dollars. But it would take
you more than 31,000 years to spend a
trillion dollars.

We could do the same kind of list for most of
the world’s industrialized countries.

Here’s the thing though…

Millions and millions of people are beginning
to wake up to the reality of this “transitioning
economy.” Governments are going to be forced to
cut expensive social programs. People are
losing faith in governments.

I don’t mean to make the future seem bleak or
anything. I want to wake you up though.

The rosy red pictures and happy words that you
hear on the news are false. They’re the
bad guys.

They want you to believe that the world is
recovering and everything is fine… But it’s
really not. Not at all.

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Trend#2 Underemployment

FACT: The stock market is where it was 10 years
ago with economists calling this the “lost

FACT: 50% unemployment amongst college grads
of the last four years with an average income
of $40,000 for those lucky enough to have
found a job

FACT: Nearly 30% of Americans “under water”
where they owe more than their home is worth.

FACT: Household income is back to where it was
ten years ago

FACT: First time in our nation’s history people
feel their children won’t have a better life
than they did

Crazy, huh?

People now understand that it will be the sweat,
creativity and passion of entrepreneurs who
will build the new businesses, create the
wealth and save this country.

Even top MBA grads are shunning Wall Street
and Corporate Americas to do start-ups and
here’s why:

– “Job Security” no longer exists. Corporate
and government layoffs and downsizing will
continue given economic realities and people
are losing patience

– Unemployment rate at 8%+ with not much hope
in sight. The long-term unemployed face an even
more difficult reality, people are losing

– An additional 20% are “underemployed”

According to a recent Gallup poll, 31% of
Americans think underemployment is the nation’s
most important problem!

Combine that with the current state of the
economy (and that of the foreseeable future),
people are beginning to realize that the only
thing they can count on is themselves.

The jobs are not coming back and anything and
anyone that can be replaced with a computer
or outsourced to India – will be.

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Trend #1 Buying Online Will Continue to Increase

Trend #1

Massive long-term shift to buying online
continues (15% Year-Over-Year Increase
in Online Spending)

Overall, 10 million people bought online on
Cyber Monday, representing the first time
on record that threshold has been reached
in a single day. The average online buyer
conducted 1.9 online transactions on
Cyber Monday for a total of nearly
$125 in spending.

November 28, 2011 was a new record in online
spending according to, the
global leader in digital business analytics.
In fact for the first time in 2011, there
were three consecutive days with over $1B
in online spending. This is a whopping
year over year increase of 15%, a leader in measuring the digital
world, recently reported holiday season retail
e-commerce spending for the 2011 holiday
season, marking a 15-percent increase over 2010.

This includes November 28, (aka Cyber Monday,)
which became the heaviest online spending day
on record at $1.25 billion. Tuesday, November 29
reached $1.12 billion, while Wednesday,
November 30 reached $1.03 billion.

These three billion dollar spending days
currently rank as three of the four heaviest
online spending days in history.

The Result?

People are now perfectly comfortable buying
their books, clothes, flowers, flights, and
everything in between online and there is no
reason to believe this trend will slow down.

Online advertising projections, an indication
of how much businesses are expected to spend
is projected to increase 14.4 percent this

The trending info comes from
CEO Geoff Ramsey, a noted authority in the
online space.

This surge of billions and billions of online
spending being transferred from brick and
mortar stores to the net has created an
incredible opportunity for online

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Global Changes – 4 Trends

I want to share something with you that I’ve been thinking a lot about…

It’s on how to create an “Internet Lifestyle” and why today’s economy presents the perfect opportunity for folks to get started.

The biggest thing though is that there are 4 major trends developing… Trends of a global ‘transitioning economy’ and what’s emerging
because of it.

See, there are two groups of people in the world.  The first group, looking to create more wealth, and the second group, looking to secure or preserve their wealth. If you are part of the first group, the group looking to create wealth, there is no better way to create wealth than with an “Internet Lifestyle” business.

But, don’t take my word, (or 10 years of research) for it. Check out this recent quote from Best Selling author, Professor, and Economist Paul Zane Pilzer.

Ten million new millionaires will be created by 2016, and you can become one of them—especially if you are in direct selling, technology, or home-based business.

Forget the doomsday naysayers proclaiming the end of the world… forget the pundits who say the economy is still in the toilet.

I am not saying that they are wrong at all.

I am just saying that the time is NOW for you to take action and move towards securing your family’s financial future.

I am asking you to open your mind and start to think proactively. If you are successful in doing so, you will be stunned to know
that there has never been a more lucrative wealth creation opportunity in the history of the world.

And, while the rest of the world is standing around with their hand out – you will have successfully crossed over to the other group.
The group with the wealth, the security and control of their financial future.

“The only economy that matters is YOURS. Your personal economy,” says David Bach, 9-time best selling author of the Automatic
Millionaire and 8 other New York Times Best Sellers.

If you are one of the millions of people fed up and tired of working harder and harder for less and less… rarely seeing your kids,
having time to catch your breath, or invest any quality time in your family and relationships, I have something for you.

If you are sick and tired of being the last person to get paid, pay close attention. There is a reason that your taxes and payroll
deductions are removed from your paycheck before it’s given to you.

There is a reason your employer and the government pay themselves first. They are smart, and they know that you will settle
for whatever is left.

They know that if you had to rely on paying your taxes like entrepreneurs do (once per quarter) you would end up spending too much
of your money and not have enough left to pay them. So, they deduct it from what is rightfully yours so you never even get to see it!

Did you know that instead of pre-paying personal income tax, social security, unemployment, and all of that stuff, you could be putting 100% of the money in your checking account, deducting all of the expenses home-based entrepreneurs get to deduct (mobile, internet, travel, meals, entertainment, etc.) and then pay a much lower business tax.

Did you know that the average employee is making between 20 and 30% of what he/she is actually worth to the employer?
(Source: “Ruthless Time Management” by Dan Kennedy)

If any of these things bother you just a little… if you feel your blood begin to boil and frustration and resentment creep in when
you think about how hard you work, yet how little you have left over to do the things you wish, pay close attention.

– The 4 massive trends created by the “transitioning economy” and what you need to know in order to cash in on them.

Drum roll please…

Trend #1 – Massive Move to Buying Online

Trend #2 – Massive Under Employment

Trend #3 – The Burden of Government Debt

Trend #4 – 4 Million New Baby Boomer Every Year

I’ll go into detail on each of these trends in future posts.


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