Living in My Dream House

So I’ve been living in my dream house for the last 13 years.  So I’ve gotten some useful wear out of it.  I’ve hosted lots of parties for kids and adults alike but now with my kids gone it seems a little big for 2 people and there are months that go by the I don’t even see parts of the house.

Keeping it clean is a major challenge.  It could be a full time job just to dust, vacuum, and clean toilets in rooms I don’t even go into.  So I’ve considered down sizing and maybe even moving to a warmer climate.  My dream house in Sandy, UT is only 15 minutes from Snowbird so you can imagine that winters can be harsh, but this last winter of 2012 did me in.  It was cold — really cold the entire winter and even with my trusty giant snowblower winter just seems to have lost its sizzle for me.

So for the last 3 days we’ve been painting to spruce things up a bit.  Today I painted the hallway in the upstairs.  Sure I could have hired it out and now after having done the work I may wish I had in the days to come when I find out which muscles I haven’t been using lately but I do find satisfaction in manual labor and I like to consider myself somewhat of a DIY (Do it Yourself) kind of guy.  2 days before today my wife and I painted our stair railings and I can definitely say that we should have hired that one out.  We did a two tone black and gray and it took twice as long as we anticipated but we do have the satisfaction of having done something ourselves and it is smokin’ hot!  We do excellent work!

We haven’t fully committed to moving just yet but anything we do in the mean time will make us happy we live here and there is something to that.

I may have to share some photos of my dream house, because it is after all, the dream house for the solopreneur.


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